June 2018

First YUCHAI  marine engine installed in Italy

(Portopalo di Capo Passero)

TE.MA. has been operating in the professional fishing industry since January 1987 as dealer for Italy of GUASCOR SA (now SIEMENS group) and Yuchai Diesel Engine.

Located in Fiumicino (few minutes away from Rome, for logistic reasons), the company is organised with:

Engineer department

Administration department

Sales department

Customer & Support Office

Spare and After Sales Service

TE.MA. is able to provide customer with the complete propulsion, including engines reducers, crankshaft and propellers

At the moment, TE.MA. customers are made up of professional fishermen of boats ranging from 18 to 32 mt.

TE.MA. is currently serving more than 500 engines, from variable power from 500 hp to 1600 hp.